“Everything you need to conduct a simulation in your own classroom. These are hands-on exercises that allow students and teachers to experience what it is like to be a diplomat while grappling with complex foreign affairs topics.” Includes 8 diplomacy simulations, facilitator guides, and topical expert videos.

The ACSP Task Force on Global Planning Education was tasked by the ACSP Executive Committee in 2016 to “explore global education, focusing on issues of recruiting and engaging international students, international education and accreditation issues." Since its formation the Task Force has undertaken a number of data collection and analysis tasks, including: analysis of data from the Global Planning Educator’s Interest Group’s survey of students; compilation of historical data on numbers of international students and faculty, and international programming, from the ACSP Guide to Planning Schools; analysis of a focus group and interviews with planning educators; analysis of answers to questions from the survey of program administrators; and interviews with representatives of the Global Planning Educators Association Network (GPEAN), and other ACSP faculty involved in work with such entities as the World Planning Schools Congress and AICP’s International Division. This research has generated a number of important findings regarding global planning education at ACSP member schools, and the perspectives of planning educators concerning the importance of a global perspective to planning curricula.