GPEIG Co-Chairs (2016-2018)


Ashok Das

Ashok Das is an assistant professor in the department of Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Hawaii Manoa, and an affiliate faculty in the Center for Southeast Asian Studies and the Center for South Asian Studies. He received his PhD in Urban Planning from the University of California at Los Angeles, M.Arch. and M.A. in Environmental Planning & Management from Kansas State University, and a B.Arch. from the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi.

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N. Emel Ganapati

Dr. N. Emel Ganapati is an Associate Professor in Public Administration at Florida International University (FIU). She holds a master’s degree in planning from the University of Pennsylvania and a Ph.D. degree in planning from the School of Policy, Planning and Development, University of Southern California in Los Angeles. At FIU, Dr. Ganapati teaches courses on empirical methods, emergency management, policy analysis and public participation. Prior to joining FIU, she taught at the University of Miami and the University of Southern California. Dr. Ganapati’s research interest includes disaster management, citizen participation/ community empowerment, and international development administration.


Election and Nominations Committee

Task: Seeks nominations for GPEIG co-chair positions and administers the annual election process. To solicit nominations for various GPEIG wide representations.

2016-2018 Committee Members

  • Andrew Rumbach (Co-Chair), University of Colorado Denver
  • Shelagh McCartney (Co-Chair), Ryerson University
  • John Felkner, Florida State University 

GPEIG Ambassadors

Launched: December 2016

GEPIG Ambassadors are members of an advisory and outreach committee that is composed of all past GPEIG co-chairs. The committee was launched in December 2016 to serve as a formal way to preserve institutional memory and actively draw on the experience and knowledge of GPEIG's past leadership to help current co-chairs build up GPEIG as a strong, vibrant and engaged organization.  

Besides providing general advice-on-request to current co-chairs, the Ambassadors help would foster deeper substantive linkages between GPEIG and other parts of ACSP, and engage in outreach with other global institutions and international organizations involved in areas of interest to GPEIG as opportunities arise.  These processes would help expand GPEIG’s engagement with planning institutions around the world (e.g., GPEAN, UN Habitat, and others). By helping GPEIG engaging actively with current debates and/or advocacy on policy and substantive issues related to global planning with actors and institutions both within and beyond ACSP, the Ambassadors would contribute centrally to GPEIG’s mission.

While all past-co-chairs are automatically members of the Ambassadors committee, the committee could pick 3-4 members for active service in any given year or for a given term.

Website Committee

Tasks: To help launch the new GPEIG website and maintain it.

  • Deden Rukmana (GPEIG Co-Chair, ex-officio)
  • Ashok Das (GPEIG Co-Chair, ex-officio)
  • Andrew Rumbach, University of Colorado Denver
  • Meenu Tewari, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
  • Yiping Fang, Portland State University
  • Sukumar Ganapati (Listserv manager)

Past GPEIG Co-Chairs

1998-2001 Ruth Yabes

1998-2000 Tridib Banerjee

1999-2001 Weiping Wu

2000-2002 Johanna Looye

2001-2003 Nihal Perera

2002-2004 Teresa Vazquez 

2002-2004 Keith Pezzoli

2003-2005 Siddartha Sen

2004-2006 Michael Hibbard

2005-2007 Faranak Miraftab

2006-2008 Petra Doan

2007-2009 Annette Kim

2008-2010 Smita Srinivas

2009-2010 Vinit Mukhija

2009-2011 Neema Kudva

2010-2012 Gavin Shatkin

2011-2013 Joseli Macedo

2012-2014 Gabriella Carolini

2014-2016 Meenu Tewari

2015-2017 Deden Rukmana