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Roundtable: International Planning Education - Refresh Your Syllabus!

A common challenge facing planning educators is to keep current in topic areas where they teach but do not have an active research agenda. For example, a professor may conduct research primarily on housing, but teach her department’s graduate course on international planning, which is necessarily broader in scope. The annual meeting of the ACSP is an ideal venue for planning educators to meet with colleagues who teach similar courses and to share their recommendations for research and pedagogical tools in their subfields.  
For this roundtable, we invited a group of 6 planning scholars, each active in a different area of research or practice that is commonly taught in a core graduate course on international planning. These scholars specialize in the areas of affordable housing, transportation, water & sanitation, natural hazards, food systems, and insurgent planning. Each presenter will share suggestions for classic and cutting-edge readings in their area of expertise, and ideas for in-class exercises or assignments that have proven effective for teaching their areas of specialization. 


  • RUMBACH, Andrew [University of Colorado Denver], organizer
  • HOEY, Lesli [University of Michigan], moderator
  • DAS, Priyam [University of Hawaii]
  • KRISHNA, Ashima [SUNY Buffalo]
  • MONKKONEN, Paavo [University of California Los Angeles]
  • SHIRGAOKAR, Manish [University of Alberta]