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GPEIG Roundtable: The New Urban Agenda & Global Planning Education

Hosted by the Global Planning Education Interest Group. The New Urban Agenda (NUA) was presented and adopted at the UN-HABITAT III Conference held in Quito, Ecuador in October 2016. The document sets a new global standards of achievement for sustainable urban development for the next twenty years. The need for meaningful urban interventions is emphasized in the document including the role of urban planning. The main idea of the roundtable is to discuss the following questions: What are the challenges and opportunities from the NUA to global planning education? How should global planning education respond to those challenges and opportunities? What are some new and emerging questions and conundrums from the NUA that global planning education confronts and that students need to be prepared to engage with? The session will begin with brief remarks of the NUA and the ACSP/GPEAN roles and then go round the room and hear from each on their thoughts on any of the questions outlined above.

About the Speakers
Bruce Stiftel is professor and chair of the School of City and Regional Planning at Georgia Tech. He represents the Global Planning Education Association Network (GPEAN) to UN Habitat’s University Network Initiative. His research concerns collaborative governance of environmental/water policy, global movement of planning ideas, and international responses to urbanization.

Eugenie L. Birch holds the Lawrence C. Nusssdorf Chair in Urban Research at the University of Pennsylvania where she is Professor of City and Regional Planning, School of Design and the founding co-Director, Penn Institute for Urban Research. She is currently president, General Assembly of Partners (GAP), an engagement platform for the implementation of the UN’s New Urban Agenda and associated global agreements. Her research interests include global urbanization, planning history and urban revitalization.

Additional Panelists

  • RUKMANA, Deden [Savannah State University], moderator
  • SANYAL, Bishwapriya [Massachusetts Institute of Technology]
  • CAMPBELL, Heather J. [University of Sheffield]
  • DAS, Ashok [University of Hawaii at Manoa]
  • ACEY, Charisma [University of California Berkeley]
  • RAJA, Samina [University at Buffalo, The State University of New York]
  • SILVA, Enrique [Lincoln Institute of Land Policy]